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G7N Conference aims to build lasting relationships with industry bodies to promote G7 Conference 2024 and all future events. High impact visibility, large scale event partnerships is what we are after. The following points are indicative of the potential partnership opportunities for both industry and government organizations.

Explore the Benefits

Your organization’s logo to be printed on all marketing
and sales-related collateral for the event.
A concise profile of your organization will be used extensively in a highly focused
marketing campaign directed at decision-makers in the industry.

Your company’s logo will be promoted via specific social media marketing activities optimized
to attract senior executives relevant to and interest in the convention.

Your corporate logo to be highlighted in a prime position in an appropriate section of
the convention website and agenda brochure
and hyperlinked to your company website sent out to over 100,000 parties in the relevant sector.

Become Our Media Partner and Enjoy Your Benefits

Your logo to be posted in the Media Partners section on the event's website and in the event's printed marketing material.

Your logo to be displayed in all marketing email campaigns sent to 100,000 key decision makers and partners.

Your logo to be displayed in internal marketing materials sent to the attendees who are leading international logistics companies.

Your company to be promoted on all social media and websites of G7N Conference.

What Do We Expect From You?

Banner and Event listing on website with hyperlink function to promote the above conference till the end of the campaign at no cost.

Newsletter content to all subscribers
(G7N Conference to provide content)

Email blasts to promote the above captioned convention.
(G7N Conference to provide content)

Minimum of 6 Social Media Posts to promote the event
(G7N Conference to provide content)

If you are interested in becoming a Media Partner, please send email to

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